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Smart remote battery life and charging time

I had gopro hero 6 and smart remote, the question is:

1, I try to charge smart remote using 5v 1.0A charging plug, up to 10 hours but the screen still showing charging status, not fully charge. Is that normal? How long for smart remote to be fully charge?

2, What is the charging plug requirement? Vortage and amp?

3, How long the smart remote battery life last when connect to Hero 6?


Thank you very much.

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Re: Smart remote battery life and charging time

Hi @supersand01777,


I would recommend using a USB wall charger that outputs 5V and 1A if one is available. 

The remote should reach a full charge in 4 hours if using the computer and 2 hours if using the wall charger.  

When charging is complete it's important to ensure that you disconnect the remote from the charging source.

If the contact points on the remote are dirty, it can disrupt the connection and inhibit the remote's ability to charge.  Be sure that those contact points are free of dirt and debris.  


Use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol or a toothpick to clean the metal contacts on the bottom of the remote as a troubleshooting step.


Hope that helps!