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Smart Remote reliable with multiple Hero 5's? (wifi remote doesn't seem to be)

Hi All, can someone using the Smart Remote with multiple Hero 5's let me know if it's able to maintain connectivity reliably?  I have an older wifi remote (model ARMTE-001) from about four years ago.  I successfully paired it with four Hero 5 Sessions.  The 5's are running the latest firmware installed today, 1.5.7 I believe, the wifi remote is 2.5.7, also the latest checked today.


Just standing around in the same room with the 5's and the remote will randomly lose one or more of them every minute or so.  It will re-pair, but if I hit record when it's in this state, the ones missing at the time will not start recording.  If one is already recording, and I hit stop during this time, it may miss the stop command.  Then you end up with the current state all out of sync.


I'm willing to buy the the later Smart Remote if it doesn't have this issue, but don't want to waste the money if it does.  Actually, given I need reliable start/stop of all the cameras, I'd probably just send them back too if there is no reliable solution.  I'm upgrading from a bunch of old Hero 2's with the BacPac, which work very reliably in this setup, so this is my first foray back into GoPro world in a while.



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Re: Smart Remote reliable with multiple Hero 5's? (wifi remote doesn't seem to be)

Following up my own question....


Went out to Best Buy and picked up the Smart Remote since I didn't want to sit around waiting to try this.  Notable differences:


1) Obviously the third button.

2) While the old one mentions the expected model number ARMTE-001, the new one says RMMW2 for model, although the box it came in says ARMTE-002.

3) Different FCC ID; not sure if that is indicative of it having any differences from a radio standpoint.

4) Powering it on reports "Wi-Fi Remote v1.1.0"


So, I reset my four Hero 5 Sessions wireless settings back to defaults, paired one of them with this new remote.  Tested extensively, at reasonable distances, never lost connectivity.  Was able to power the unit off and back on, no issues.  Added second Hero 5 Session, repeated tests.  Got all four of my Hero 5's connected and am happy to report zero issues.


Now, given I am in possession of many old WiFi BacPac's, I could potentially update the firmware in the remote; since the bacpac is the only way to do it.  However, it's working great at this point, so I am not going to touch it.


I do not know if the Smart Remote has version parity with the old WiFi Remote, as it would seem 1.1.0 is much older than the 2.5.7 my problematic WiFi Remote has, but if they do use the same firmware, perhaps some bugs were introduced along the way that make the newer firmware unreliable.  Another theory, perhaps having been paired with numerous WiFi BacPac's previously made my old Wifi Remote have issues with Hero 5's.  As best I can tell, there is no way to wipe out a smart remote and start over.  It may not even store data and just broadcasts, so I really just have theories at this point that only GoPro engineering could validate.


Whatever, Smart Remote 1.1.0 paired with four Hero 5 Sessions running 1.57 seems stable, so I'm happy.

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Re: Smart Remote reliable with multiple Hero 5's? (wifi remote doesn't seem to be)

any updates on this?

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Re: Smart Remote reliable with multiple Hero 5's? (wifi remote doesn't seem to be)

Thanks for the report. I was having the same problem. My old wifi remote worked fine with just one camera paired, but when I had multiple (5 black, 5 session and 4silver) it was constantly losing connection (most from the session I think). 


I was considering upgrading my remote but wasn't quite sold or sure if I could make my old one work. I think I'll just upgrade like you did. 

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Re: Smart Remote reliable with multiple Hero 5's? (wifi remote doesn't seem to be)

I recently bought a smart remote from REI. It did not specify hero 5 compatibility on the box, can anyone confirm that there isn't a newer/updated remote that has better compatibility. On startup it says wifi 1.1.0. 


I've been having trouble with reliability with multiple camera (hero 5, session 5, and 4 silver) and range (I haven't been able to go over 100'). I just wanted to confirm there isn't an updated remote I should get before troubleshooting other things. Thanks