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Smart Remote question

I just purchased the GP Smart Remote and I have a question about the power button on the remote, It does not seem to work for a "cold" start. If I turn the GP on manually it works fine and will turn the camera on and off as long as the camera is not turned off for 15 minutes or so. If that happens I have to manually restart the camera. I understood the directions that it would power the camera on and off regardless of down time. Am I missing something here?

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Re: Smart Remote question

Hello @russells8522. The connection between the Smart Remote and the camera lasts up to 8 hours unless a reset of either the camera or the Smart Remote is done within the 8-hours duration. Do you connect your camera to the GoPro App? We're trying to see if there could be any interference from other Bluetooth/Wi-Fi sources. Try resetting the Smart Remote and pair the devices again. Should the issue persist, our team at will be able to assist you further. 

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Re: Smart Remote question

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That's exactly how the Remote works in my case as well with GoPro 8 Black. This is different from how it operated with GoPro 3+, but I assumed that this is a intentional change.


As long as the camera is still "warm" (i.e just recently turned off), turning on the Remote will also turn on the Camera. However, if you wait for a while (a couple of hours), the Camera will go "cold". Turning on the Remote will no longer turn on the Camera. The Camera will have to be turned on manually (and preferrably before the remote).

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Re: Smart Remote question

No, thw app was not in use and I seldom use the app. The second reply above did a great job of explaining the problem. It does not last anywhere near 8 hours. After only 20  minutes or so it is "cold" again. Frustrating!

Thanks for the replies.