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Smart Remote going crazy with Hero 5 Black



I bought the "Smart Remote" about 6 months ago for my Hero 5 Black, and I am seriously disappointed. I have had a number of issues since day dot. The biggest problem for me is that the so called smart remote does what it wants, and not what I want. I should have bought a dumb remote.


When on photo mode, I press the red circle once very appropriately and the thing literally takes 50 photos. Before you ask "is it on photo lapse", no it's not. It does it all the time and it kills battery and storage quickly. It's really really annoying and ruins good photo opportunities because your camera is beeping all over the show. Surely I can't be the only person this is happening to?


Much like many others on here I have also had the following problems with this item:


1) Charging - I've read numerous threads on here about the charging issues

2) Powering on: It has a mind of its own. Sometimes it does, and when I really need it, it doesn't.

3) Powering off: As mentioned above - when the thing does finally connect it does everything I don't want it to do. It crashes the camera, and refuses to switch off.


This is literally a waste of money unless it can be fixed. (I've followed the reset procedure like 50 times).


It's about time GoPro held up their hands and admitted that this is a faulty product.

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Re: Smart Remote going crazy with Hero 5 Black

@sweeneygoespro - It's probably best to go ahead and give our Support team a call so we can help you out with your Smart Remote. We can be reached at