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Smart Remote causes camera to loop in continuous photo mode

Hello all.  I am trying to get some help with the Smart Remote and my Hero Black 7.  The short story is that when i use the smart remote with the camera, it randomly causes the camera to go into continuous photo mode.  That being said, i tried to research this and only found a single thread for Hero 5's back in 2017, so i will try to answer as many questions from that thread up front as possible:


-Camera: Hero 7

-Remote: Smart (3 button) remote

-SD Card: Scan Disk Extreme 64GB

-Camera Setting: Verified to be in Single

-Remote Setting: Also verified to be in Single

-Performed a complete manual version upload at the request of tech support

-Reset and repaired the Smart Remote...same issue.  

-When i press the photo button (round circle) on the remote, the camera goes into continuous photo mode.  Originally i thought that it was burst, but that is because when i noticed it, i would immediately stop it to prevent it from taking a bunch of photos which i didnt want.  It is still doing it after a full manual installation, i let the camera take 200+ photos before i stopped it.  I am not holding down the button to command the camera to perform in continuous mode.

-If i switch between modes, or between settings, then i can get 1-5 photos before it will do it again.

-Lastly, a friend of mine also has a Hero Black 7, and the smart remote and yesterday was having the exact same issue with his setup.  Different camera and remote (although the exact same model of each), and it was doing the same thing.

-A link to watch what i am referring to is located at  


That being said, does anyone have any tips or advice on how to get this to stop from happening?  2-3 hours with tech support did not get me any closer to being able to use the remote for anything other than an expensive paperweight at this point.


Thank you in advance for the help.


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Re: Smart Remote causes camera to loop in continuous photo mode


Hi @swiftsurf31063


Thank you for sharing the details of the issue and sorry for any troubles caused.

We have already tagged the agent handling your case.

Please keep your lines open for updates.