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Rental surf board

Just bought my Gopro hero 7 black and I want to use it when I go surfing in the USA this summer. 
It's my first time surfing so I will rent a surf board. I want to attach my gopro to the surf board but I heard that when you attach the adhesive surf mount you should wait 24/48 hours before using it (and you should clean the board properly before you put it on). For a rental surf board this will be impossible, also because it will be very difficult to remove the mount again. 

What do you recommend to get shots of myself with my gopro? To get POV shots I know I can get the bite mount (or maybe I can use my wrist mount). 

If you have any other tips according to surfing with a Gopro, please let me know!

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Re: Rental surf board

Hi @coolpeak80866,

What you said about the surfboard mount's application is correct. It is advisable to allow at least 24 hours for the mount to properly adhere to the surface. To remove the adhesive mounts, you can use a hairdryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive and slowly peel it back. Please note that you will not be able to reuse an adhesive mount once you remove it.


I've seen this video of one of our sponsored athletes that offers her personal strategy when surfing using her camera. 

Other than the bite mount, may use the 3-Way Mount (ensure to have the Floaty attached to your camera) and The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) as discussed by Jamie O'Brien in this video: GoPro Field Guide: Mounts and Accessories with Jamie O'Brien


Hopefully this helps. Stay stoked, and have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!


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Re: Rental surf board

Your rental surfboard will most likely be a soft top. NEVER use an adhesive mount on a soft top. It actually needs the bodyboard mount. If you are ok with riding a 8' soft top. go to Costco when you get here and pick up their Wavestorm surfboard for $100. You'll need to drill a hole to install the bodyboard mount, but this may be the safest, and potentially cheapest, option. You can sell the board before you leave or donate it.

As far as the adhesive mounts on an epoxy or fiberglass board, these actually come off without damaging the board. You just need a high heat hairdryer.

Where in California are you going? If it's anywhere near me (Central Coast near Pismo Beach), I'll literally give you a board to ride while your here that has a mount on it. I have several boards from 5'6 - 10'8". Most are older boards I never ride so I wont care if you ding them up.

If you are going to be using a fiberglass or epoxy board, many surf shops have rentals that have GoPro mounts attached already. You can call ahead and find out.

For non-board mounted shots, I find that the Handler with the GoPro Bite mount works best. The Bite mount fits on the Handler and makes it much easier to paddle having the Handler in your mouth. You can grip the Handler in your mouth (at the handle), but I find the Bite mount easier, more secure, and much easier to use.
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Re: Rental surf board

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Thank you so much for your reactions! I don't have any experience with surfing so didn't know about the different materials of boards :)

My plan is to go surfing in San Diego & Los Angeles (Venice Beach I think). 

I didn't know that a rental surf board will probably be a soft top. Because it's my first time surfing I'm not sure if I want to buy my own board since I'm in the USA for around 5 weeks and I need to keep it low budget. 

I already talked with a few surf school for lessons (including surf board and wet suit) and they didn't seem to know a lot about GoPro mounts for surfing..

Thanks for the tips! I'm the kind of person who wants to go there prepared with all the right mounts and stuff :)