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Remo doesn't work out of the box

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I just purchased a Remo and its not working. I've followed the various suggests online using different chargers and cables, but all it does it flash a red light once and thats all. It seems like by the volumes of posts that this is a very common problem and everyone is suggesting contacting support.


however I've tried contacting support but I get an "Invalid Captcha. Please retry." message requesting a call back, and when I select the chat option all I get is "Sorry, all agents are helping other customers right now. Please try again later."


What is the best way to contact someone to get the item looked at?

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Re: Remo doesn't work out of the box

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Hello, @royd82. Make sure that you contact Support within the hours of operation specified in the contact page. If you continue to get the Captcha error, try using a different device (computer or mobile phone). Clear cache on your browser, use a different browser or an incognito browser.