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Quick key is junk

I keep hoping that an update to the app or to iOS will fix my problem. I have iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone X and used to have iPhone 6 and 6S. None of these load images or thumbnails. Now I can load via computer to iCloud to my mobile devices. So what’s up? I’ve also only use the best SSD chips. Typically at least 32Gb.  I’ve used these chips in both session and black models. In addition to Nikon cameras. They all work fine.  So what’s next?  

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Re: Quick key is junk

Hello @bradleyc418


Sorry to hear about the trouble. The picture you included show both picture and video files. Does it matter which resolution you have for those media on your camera's SD card? When you load the media from the cloud to your iOS device, do they load then? Please also check if you are using a recommended SD card for your camera model. As not all devices support all the resolutions from a GoPro camera, you might want to check if the resolution setting that you have used is supported by your iOS devices when transferred via Quik Key. See if this article on Supported Resolutions for Copy and Share in the GoPro App identifies that. 


If the issue is not related to the SD card or the supported resolutions, our Support team will be able to assist you further. You can reach them via phone or chat through