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Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

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[Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter ]




this is user Gopro6 hero 6 black with 3.5mm Mic adapter.


when i connect external mic and external power bank to gopro6 with adapter, then its not working.

(gopro shutdown automatically and recorded file is broken.)


Does adapter can't do supply charging and external mic at sametime?

(external mic is unpowered model, by-mm1)



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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

Hello @loyalbluff77557


You should be able to use the mic adapter while charging the camera. How were you charging the camera? Did you have the battery in the camera when you used it? Does the camera always turn off? How long does it take before the camera turns off? Did you use the QuikCapture button for recording? These details will greatly help in isolating the issue further. Hope to hear back from you. 




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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

thx for comment.


here is my conditions.


1. battery was inserted. (always)

2. always shutdown when i use the "adapter" (after that, repairing file message pop up)

3. when I press the record button, it shutdown in 1~2sec, right away. (without using quick capture feature)

4. I didn't use "quick capture", because I already know about issue of using that feature, while connect with external mic.

5. thank you.

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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

"repairing file message pop up"

This indicates an issue with the SD card. Make sure the card is from this list

Perform a FULL (not quick) format of the card in your computer and then format again with the card in the camera.

Take two photos and a short video.

Repeat your test.

If you continue to have issues, try a different card.

If that doesn't resolve it, perform a manual update using your computer and a USB/SD adapter. Once done, go to preferences and Factory reset the camera. Format the card in your camera, Take two photos and a short video.

If, after performing all of the above, you are still having issues, contact the GoPro Support Team.
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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

Thank you for detail commentary.


I tried everything what you said to me.

and it still doesn't work lol.(already live chat with gopro agent and he told me how to manual update to firmware)


also i already get replace my gopro from korea service center, but they don't know what problem is.


so I ask my problem to here.


anyway it seems nobody get issue just like me.. :(

maybe i should tell my problem to our region service center . (I can expect they send new cam again....)


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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

Best of luck.  Sorry to hear it's not working out for you right now.

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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter

I'm having the issue of when i try to plug my external power bank to the adaptor it will not record audio instead there will be a white noise in my recording and it is not my external mic. and the mic input is stardard mic. im using it for moto vlogging on my helmet, battery is inserted in my gopro, adaptor is plugged into it, it records fine with audio from my external mic but as soon as i plug my power bank into the adaptor it just doesn't record audio like it short and a white noise is recorded but it doesn't happen immediatly its usually after about 5-10 minutes of recording and it will do that for the next 120+ minutes.

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Re: Problem with gopro6 & 3.5mm Mic adapter


Hi @scottybwhite



Try to record without the battery and see if this makes a difference.

We have been receiving a number of audio issues when recording with an external power source.

This has been raised to the team in charge.