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Please enable third party mic adapter support!

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Just bought the new gopro 8, only to find that i have to spend 80 dollars on a Media Mod, which enables me to buy another microphone to use. this is unacceptable! Please enable third party mic adapter support so that we can actually use our cameras as we want! I just want high quality audio (with a RØDE mic for example). 

Join the choir and let GoPro hear it! GoPro: You have every possibility to make your customers happy, why wont you do it? 


Or this will definitely be my last GoPro product.....

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Re: Please enable third party mic adapter support!

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The third party adapter would need to containing the same ADC as the HERO8 to work. Any containing this hardware would most likely cost around the same as the GoPro mic adapter/Media Mod or be much more cheaply made than the Pro Mic adapter which has the entire PCB potted in resin, and the exterior is a single molded piece of plastic. Even if you can't use it underwater, it would likely survive exposure to the elements. This takes some extra engineering during development, and likely adds to the manufacturing cost as well.

To have the ability to utilize a variety of external mics with your HERO8, you'll need the Media Mod or GoPro Pro Mic adapter.