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Pan and Tilt

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I had a great GoPro add-on a couple of years back that I think this would make a great addition to the line-up.


It was a MOTRR Galileo motorized pan/tilt and I used it very successfully with my GoPro Black 4.


Unfortunately the company folded, but the product was PERFECT for the GoPro, and if your company doesn't get the rights to the product (you might get it very cheap) you should certainly look into how it can be restarted.


GoPro is more than just a sports camera, its a great video camera period (open up your marketing focus). However, there are few, good, inexpensive motorized pan/tilts to make it useful on a tripod. Manual tripod heads are not smooth (worthless).


The Chinese P/Ts are clunky, and noisy and the others products are usualy specialized (i.e. very slow pan only). Few have P/T capability. The next best (Bescor) is big and clunky, I had one.


The Galileo was perfect: It was VERY small, yet very robust (I even used it with a handheld video camera in  pan mode). Though it was aimed at cellphones, it was the perfect size for the GoPros and had a specialized GoPro mount. Size was important because I was backpacking with it. The motors were VERY quiet (unlike the Chinese junk that sound like cement mixers), it had independantly controlled P/T with completely variable speed from very slow to very fast (perfect for slow pans and timelapse). Almost all the other pan heads have fixed speeds. I used it in the Tetons and the slomo panning videos were breathtaking. The good/bad thing about it was the pan and tilt was only controlled through an iOS app and only on old Iphones. Since the company went belly-up a few years back the one I have now doesn't work.


It used Bluetooth connection and a simple cheap remote control or a wired control (through its min-USB power port) might have saved the company but the product managers didn't get it. By tying it to a phone app, it probably killed the product.


Anyway something you should consider or at the very least find a good, inexpensive, small, light motorized pan/tilt for the GoPros.


PS I'm retired now but spent 30 years in consumer electronics product management. I know a good thing when I see one and you are really missing a great opportunity.

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Re: Pan and Tilt

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hi @danj830


We appreciate your thoughts on this. We do, however have a 360-camera available. Please go over its features listed on this link: Fusion.


You may also leave it as a feedback through this link.


Stay stoked!