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Ordering batteries- NOT!!

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REALLY NOT very happy with my 1st experience trying to order!!! Spent my time signing up , spent my time looking/shopping, spent my time trying to order. GOT NO WHERE.  

Only to be told on the site, at the end, that I could not order "multple batteries" , only I was NOT trying to order multiples!! only 1 charger that comes with 1 battery!!!


Then spent my time live-chating with customer service, to get nowhere again. Then was told I would be sent a free accessory for my time and trouble...:

We wanted to let you know that your replacement of The HandlerThumbscrew - Long has shipped under (SO-xxxxxxx)!

You can track your replacement's progress with the tracking info below or by visiting


EXCEPT... only to get this message from the site: 

No Orders Found  Sorry, we couldn't find any orders with this information..... ???


And also, even though I'm logged into the Canadian site version, the prices are in us$, and this is NOT clear! COME on!! do they know what a website plug-in is?? currnecy-converter... suuuper simple!! 


So far I am completely dissapointed and frustrated with my experience in dealing with GoPro!! I've wasted a lot of my time to get nothing! 
In the mean time I went to amazon and got the charger & batt in less than 24hrs!! for same price!  so this "gopro plus seems like a scam! Was thinking of using it , in case somehting happens to the cam, but not I'm quite sure that the "Break your GoPro? We’ll replace it." would never happen!!!


So go ahead GoPro... take care of this and prove me wrong! I dare you!