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Media Mod HDMI out not recognized on Mac / PC

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Hi.  I bought a MediaMod with the intent of using my Gopro Hero 8 as a webcam.


To get the GoPro to boot in HDMI out mode, you have to connect the HDMI cable BEFORE powering the GoPro on.  This works on my TV.


When I connect the cable to the Cable Matters HDMI -> USB-A converter hooked in to a computer, the GoPro does not recognize that it is attached to an HDMI out source, and boots in "normal" GoPro mode instead of HDMI out mode.

How do I force it to boot to HDMI out mode?

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Re: Media Mod HDMI out not recognized on Mac / PC

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Hi @sharpstoke5421


We do not have an official way to use the camera as a webcam but you may do your own research.

Other users have attempted this setup however it involves the use of a capture card or an OBS.