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Max Lens m

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Just bought the new Max Lens mod for the GoPro9.  The image is great but there are some functions that done work with it.  I had one very simple crash on my bike and now there are small deep dents in the lens.  You would think with a lens mod at that cost that the glass would be better.  It is for the most part un-usable now.  I am not impressed with this at all.  I am also having issue where the camera will show a battery low warning and then shut off and the camera is still at 30+ percent.  I have read other feeds that say the cold is the issue.  It was over 30 degrees so I would think this should not be an issue.  So far I like the GoPro9 video but the issues that am having is having me look at other manufacturers.  

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Re: Max Lens m

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Hi @graystorm04754


What version is the camera on? What resolution/settings are you usually recording in?


Regarding the lens, if the scratch on the lens of the camera is shallow enough, a camera or eyeglass repair shop may be able to buff out the scratch.