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Looking for recommendations for some accessories

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Hey guys whats up ?
Im looking for recommendations for these accessories that i will list below.
I did some research and found some that seems pretty good but either lacked something i wanted or well - i just wanted to hear what else is out there and what do you guys use and your experience with it.

So the things im after are -
- protective housing (for diving up to 60m (although as of now im only allowed to dive down to 30m))
- underwater filter set - preferably with a macro lens
- macro lens (preferably one that can shoot both in and out of the water)
- dome (for over/under shots and increased field of view underwater)

Ultimately id like to have it all in a ‘bundle pack’ - under one purchase, hopefully with a ‘bundle discount’ kinda deal.

Another thing - I’ve seen for example the ‘Polar Pro Divemaster’ filter set - which seems great - but is lacking the macro lens, and then the ‘Polar Pro Switchblade’ that DOES have the macro lens but doesn’t have their ‘snorkel filter’ for shallow waters, and there is no way to buy one of them separately to complete the set. Plus the protective housing is needed - so if possible to get them all under one kind of pack or bundle deal - or - something similar from a different manufacturer - but of a similar quality .

Same goes for the dome for over and under shots.
Ive seen polar pro’s version - but it doesn’t fits hero 8 - which is the gopro that i have,
And i have seen GDOME version which seems awesome, but **bleep** it’s expensive (for a good reason - im sure - no disrespect).

So what else is out there, what is your experience with these things, and what would you recommend for your friends to buy ?
Much thanks.