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Looking for mount

I am looking for the same attachment found here but with 3 pins at the bottom so i can attache it to the three way so i can attach and remove the gopro much faster then by screwing it in each time
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Re: Looking for mount

Hi @noblestar2778


We don't have one available.

Perhaps other users may have tested this and can share their ideas. Let us watch out for their replies.




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Re: Looking for mount

You will want two "pins"(prongs/mounting fingers) at the bottom, not three (like the bottom of the frame/housing for mounting. I've seen them on so a little searching should bring one up for you.

You can also fashion an adapter by using a Quick Release Tripod Mount and conversion adapter.
Quick Release Tripod Mount
Conversion Adapter

You will need to screw the Quick Release Tripod Mount into the conversion adapter and then connect the conversion adapter to the 3-way. The camera will mount to a buckle that will slide into the Quick Release Tripod Mount
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Re: Looking for mount

Thx for the info i will look into those optuons