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Karma grip stabilizer fails

Upon initial powerup, all four battery indicators illuminate; however, when the stabilizer begins calibration (home and level position), the battery indicators change and the fail indicator illuminates red and the stabilizer indicator (top battery indicator) begins to blink. When this occurs, the Hero5 Black turns on and displays the lens image on the LCD. The the stabilizer is unresponsive, however, and flops around.


Firmware version according to Quick:

Grip firmware version - 1.8

Stabilizer firmware version - 2.0

Hero5 firmware version - Unknown (Up to date)


When the described failure indications are observed, it is not possible to change the camera modes. The power button will turn the grip and camera off. All other buttons are unresponsive. 


I used the power button to conduct a hard reset (depress power button for 8 seconds), but as soon as the stabilizer commences calibration (or just moves on its own), the failure indicators illuminate and flash.  


I attempted the stabilizer calibration by placing the grip on a table with controls facing upward and depressing the stabilizer lock button for 8 seconds. The stabilizer moves briefly and the fail and stabilizer indicators temporarily illuminate as described. It appears that the grip shutsdown soon after the indicators flash.


Please help...



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Re: Karma grip stabilizer fails



I have same problem with my Karma and grip. It is a stabilizator problem. 

From the rent I took a other grip and change only a stabilizator. Then they works well.




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Re: Karma grip stabilizer fails


Hi @raulp6670,


Please contact our customer support team via phone or chat.

They can help you with that.