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Karma Grip charging issues

Why does it seem like the karma grip doesn't fully charge...? I have the Grip plugged into my computer and my computer is plugged into the wall and the fourth blinking light blinks forever.... How long is it supposed to take to fully charge...? Or are the light indicators messed up...?

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Re: Karma Grip charging issues

The Karma Grip will Charge faster if you use a wall charger.
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Re: Karma Grip charging issues

mine plug in main wall 

s still taken to long 2 lights on from box 

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Re: Karma Grip charging issues

Agreed, I had the same issue when I was first using.  Now I am using an Anker wall charger --- noticeably faster. Although I still have random blips where the battery appears dead but when turned off/on, it displays full battery. 

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Re: Karma Grip charging issues

Is the wall charger sold separately? The grip doesn't charge well with the USB cable and it drains power when the camera is attached.