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Jaws clamp clip broke

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The quick release clip on my Jaws Clamp broke.


I wanted to get this clip replaced.  

I just bought this Jaws Clamp last year.

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Re: Jaws clamp clip broke

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Hi @activejump41


Let our Support Team take a look at what happened.

You may submit a request for a callback through, or initiate a chat conversation with one of our representatives.

They may ask you for pictures of the broken part.




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Re: Jaws clamp clip broke

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I just spoke with Sharlotte in Customer Support via chat.  Good thing that I had Best Buy email the receipt to me so that I could get a one time replacement Jaws Clamp, which will be sent out soon.


I would like to suggest to GoPro to make these clips available as an orderable item.  Maybe sell these clips with a screw for $2.00 each?


Googling "GoPro Jaw Clamp broken clips" there are a lot of GoPro customers that have had their clips break on the bottom of the Jaw Clamp necks.


i would buy 10 of them as backup.  There wouldn't be much profit in them, but it would prevent Jaw Clamp customers from buying cheap Chinese knockoffs from Amazon to replace their GoPro Jaw Clamps.  

Before contacting GoPro Support, I was contemplating buying a $13 knockoff from Amazon just to get the neck piece with a good clip on it.