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Is the gimbal stabilizer waterproof?

My brother had a karma grip and he dropped it in a lake last year. I've been looking around for some possible ways to fix it, though I know now that it's pretty much impossible. Instead, I've tried shopping around for replacement parts, and I found another battery/handle thing online for pretty cheap, but is the handle really the problem? I don't want to spend extra money for another part that might not even be the problem. So if I were to replace the battery handle, would it make the grip work again? Or does the stabilizer part experience problems with water damage too?

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Re: Is the gimbal stabilizer waterproof?

@toughflame45013, the parts of the Karma Grip (handle, stabilizer, harness) are not waterproof.

After it got water damaged, have you tried powering it on (with devices completely dry)? If the Karma Handle boots up and the battery status LED lights up, then it can indicate that there's no issue with the Handle. However, if the Karma Stabilizer doesn't start to spin when you power the Karma Grip ON, this potentially means that the Stabilizer is damaged.

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Re: Is the gimbal stabilizer waterproof?

The stabilizer has computer chips, so if power was running through it when the Grip was dropped in the lake, it's possible that they were fried. Additionally, there is most likely some corrosion. Professionally cleaning the components with alcohol can fix some electrical components, so since it's not working now, it wouldn't hurt trying that. The battery on the Grip is probably fried, so if you can find one cheap, sure, go for it. If not, probably best just looking for a complete Karma Grip at a discount. if it turns out your stabilizer does work, just sell it to make up the difference.