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Is LCD Touch BacPac accessory compatible with Hero 5?

Hey guys. I'm new here. I just want to ask some question and suggestions, I'm very new to GoPro products but I'm willing to buy one this month. I might be buying the Hero 5, but I wanna ask, is the LCD Touch BacPac for Hero 4 compatible too with Hero 5, I was wondering if I could use my Hero 5 for vlogging (and maybe even frequent selfies). I want a simple point-and-shoot camera setup, with good mic, and as versatile, even on water and extreme conditions, and as small as GoPro, but I also want frequently see what I'm filming, especially when I'm pointing it to my face. Since Hero 5 already have a LCD touch screen, can somebody tell me if GoPro made that BacPac accessory compatible too with on Hero 5? The bad thing with Hero 5's LCD touch screen is it's in the back and not flippable unlike that accessory. If it isn't, then I wanna ask if there's any 3rd party acessory that does it for Hero 5? Also I wanna ask if Hero 5 suppors HDMI out, like if I want to use it as my my vlogging device, but I want to see what it films through my PC's monitor or any external screens, like on indoor vlogging conditions like in front of a PC? No worries, I will not record what if shows on the screen, I'll stil probably use the real export file of the camera itself

Thanks in advance on all the answers