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I Lost GoPro due to faulty mount

I went river kayaking and I mounted my gopro hero 4 on my kayak with an adhesive mount.It seemed sturdy and I didn't think anything could go wrong. As I went down the river, there was a part where the water got faster and after I passed that part of the river, I looked down and my $300 camera that I just got was gone. I used the mount that specifically came with the gopro, so it wasn't a knockoff and I was extremely sad. I got the camera as a grad gift. Is there anything I can do? I made a report to the people at the river and I even tried looking in the water myself. Is there anything GoPro can do for me? Can they replace my camera or give me anykind of compensation. I trusted their product and now I'm without anything to record on. I loved that camera, can someone help?

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Re: I Lost GoPro due to faulty mount

Hi foggyvista56306,


I am sorry to hear about the lost camera.Go ahead and reach out to our support team if you have not already. They will be able to determine what the next steps are.