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How to update Karma Grip Windows 10 Quick for Desktop GoPro

Zobacz poradnik / See the guide:

Zobacz, jak zaktualizować uchwyt Karma Grip za pomocą programu Quick for Desktop, na komputerze z Windows 10.
Jeżeli program QUICK nie rozpoznaje Twojego uchwytu KARMA GRIP, pobierz ze strony:
plik o nazwie:
"libusb-win32 - libusb-win32 devices - 10/31/2016 12:00:00 AM -"
i rozpakuj, następnie prawym przyciskiem myszy kliknij na pliku "KarmaGripDev" i kliknij ZAINSTALUJ, odczekaj kilka sekund i gotowe.
Od teraz KARMA GRIP będzie wykrywany przez program QUICK.

See how to update the Karma Grip handle using Quick for Desktop on a computer with Windows 10.
If the QUICK program does not recognize your KARMA GRIP grip, download the following page:
file named:
"libusb-win32 - libusb-win32 devices - 10/31/2016 12:00:00 AM -"
and unpack, then right-click on the "KarmaGripDev" file and click INSTALL, wait a few seconds and you're done.
From now on KARMA GRIP will be detected by the QUICK program.

Karma Grip Update

Windows 10 64 Bits
Latest QUIK for Desktop


Go to

Downlod the 3rd counting from the bottom

Once downloaded, right click on the downloaded file and select "extract"

If extract is not possible, please download 7-Zip (

Once the extract is complete, you should have 4 folders and 2 files

Right click on the file named "KarmaGripDev" and select "install"

Once installation is complete, Karma Grip should be recognized on both your Windows and QUIK for Desktop

Connect Karma Grip with Camera attached via USB cable provided

Sometimes a restart is needed after the drivers installation

Best Regards,

Filipe S.
GoPro Karma/Fusion Support

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Re: How to update Karma Grip Windows 10 Quick for Desktop GoPro

doing this what is above after clicking right button and install (KarmaGripDev) occured following problem: Installation Error : Couldn't find specific file. 

what's wrong? Windows 10, 64 bit?

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Re: How to update Karma Grip Windows 10 Quick for Desktop GoPro


Hi @stoutstorm11532


You may also refer to this article:

How to Manually Install Karma Grip Drivers 


Should you need further assistance, please reach out to our Support Team via phone or chat.

We'll be happy to help you update your Karma Grip.