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How to connect Fusion to boat pulpet? Rail section on bow of boat.

Good afternoon.

In a few weeks I'm going to be picking up my boat and taking it home. The entire trip will be about 2.or 2.5 hours.

Due to where I live, Puget Sound area, I'd love to capture my transit from pick up to docking.

The best ounting place would be on the arch, but I don't trust suction cups, and if it flew off I wouldn't notice until I went to take it down.

I plan to mount it on the pulpet, and am wondering how I could do this? Both attaching the camera, and an external power supply for juice.

I plan on putting the power supply in a bag attached to the pulpet as well, and have a cable connecting to the camera through a 90" elbow, and perhaps using a layer of packing tape to help spray from damaging the camera. Thoughts?

Also, how could I mount it on the rail?


We won't be going too quick, maybe 20 knots, but it can get rough where we're going to be going through, 6 foot seas, and I want my camera to be able to take a beating. I'd like to keep the power supply as well, but if it gets ruined that's not the end of the world.


Thank you.

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Re: How to connect Fusion to boat pulpet? Rail section on bow of boat.

An adhesive mount might be a good option for you. The adhesive mounts are very strong, and can be removed later on (a little heat helps). You might want to use a tether as well just to be safe.