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Hero9 MediaMod audio jack only partially works

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I plug in a powered mic to the MediaMod and record video, but when I listen back to the video on my computer the audio is at half-volume.  When the video clip is in Premiere you can see the waveform is significantly smaller/shorter than it should be.  I've doubled checked to make sure the mic is plugged all the way into the jack, but I still get this problem.  Only 10% of the time does audio record at full volume.  I've also tried two different powered mics and get the same results.  I've even gone through all the various menu settings to choose from for the mic input.  Makes no difference.


Is there a fix/remedy, or do I need to return it for an exchange?

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Re: Hero9 MediaMod audio jack only partially works

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Sorry to hear about that, @alklasi. It would be best to get in touch with our Support team for this matter. They will assist you with the next steps. 


To connect with them, visit . Once there, select "Contact Us" and proceed with either chat or a callback request. 

Should you encounter any issue scheduling a callback or a live chat, please ensure that you are not blocking cookies and have your pop-up blocker disabled.

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Re: Hero9 MediaMod audio jack only partially works

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Totally with you.


I am trying to hook up my media mod to an airplane intercom system via the 3.5mm jack and even though the intercom is loud enough for me to clearly hear my tower communications, the camera only gets a faint sound level.  


On the ground I took out my air radio and found I could only get "okay" sound levels if I cranked my air radio up loud enough that you'd never be able to wear headsets.


GoPro, either a. enable sound via the media mod USC C input instead of only allowing it to charge, or b. you need to fix the gain issues with the 3.5mm jack as it is unusable.