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Hero7 Black Super Suit for Snowboarding or not?

I've just upgraded from the Hero4 Black to the Hero7 Black.  It seems weird to not have a Super Suit on and I'm not sure if I should use one for snowboarding.  I'm concerned that the rear screen will get broken especially if I put the camera in the mount that I have attaced to the front of the snowboard.  I won't use it much there but just a bit to get footage from a different angle i.e. looking up at me from the front of the board.  This means the rear screen will be facing down the mountain and open to damage.  I just don't know how tough the Hero7 is without the supersuit.  My gut feeling is that it would be best to have one on but then I'm concernd about the affect that will have on the sound quality.  With the Hero4 in a Super Suit the sound was almost non-existant.  I don't want to go down the route of using an external mic though.  


Would be grateful to hear from anybody with experience of this and what happens to the sound quality of the Hero7 Black with a Super Suit on.  Or anybody who didn't use the Super Suit and found that the camera was damaged easliy.  As above, I'm intending on using a mount that I have stuck onto the front of my snowboard.  In the past these have come off the board very easliy.  If this did happen would it be game over for the camera if it wasn't in a Super Suit?  


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Re: Hero7 Black Super Suit for Snowboarding or not?

Hi @markt452,


GoPro HERO7 and HERO4 has similar sound quality but it's much better and improved in all aspects.


When you put a SuperSuit that would be a much better option since the camera's overall performance will be improved when you have supersuit in cold environment. 


You can check this thread: