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Hero7 Accessories for Sailing

Hey, I have bought the Hero7 as a gift for my partner and wondered if anyone could advise on any accessories that are good for sailing? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Hero7 Accessories for Sailing

Hi @sharpshore0124


This will basically depend on your preferred POV.

Please check for a list of available accessories!

Stay stoked!



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Re: Hero7 Accessories for Sailing

Thank you for the advice. I’m completely new to GoPro and sailing. Basically we are sailing round the Greek islands and wondered whether there are any accessories that are good for attaching to the Mast and various other points along with use in the sea.
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Re: Hero7 Accessories for Sailing

@sharpshore0124, there are several mounting solutions that you can use for your GoPro camera depending on what you want to mount it to.


Handlebar / Seatpost / Pole Mount will help clamp your camera to any 0.35 to 1.4in (9 to 35mm) diameter tube.


Jaws Flex Clamp can be used to mount your GoPro to objects ranging in size from 0.25 to 2in (0.6 to 5cm) in diameter.


Curved + Flat Adhesive Mounts can help attach your GoPro to curved and flat surfaces.


If you want to easily capture selfies, you can choose from The Handler (Floating Hand Grip)3-Way and Shorty mounts.


In addition, I also found this thread posted by another user regarding similar topic that might help:


Kind Regards,

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Re: Hero7 Accessories for Sailing

Thank you Ann that’s has been really helpful.
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Re: Hero7 Accessories for Sailing

For sailing, I've found the following to be great accessories


  • Head Strap + Quick Clip: I mostly just use the Hat clip.  It's perfect for quickly, securely, and conveniently mounting to a hat for great first person POV shots.
  • Chesty: Easiest and most secure way to get great first person POV.  Works very well for fishing.
  • Large Tube Mount: The standard Pole mount is great but wont fit on larger rails.  I've found this mount to be more versatile. 
  • Suction Cup: This thing sticks to any object that is flat, smooth, and clean.  Powerful suction allows you to mount it almost anywhere.
  • Hand + Wrist Strap: Not just for the Hand or Wrist.  The Velcro straps allow you to wrap it around objects and get unique perspectives
  • El Grande: One of my favorite shots is over the side of the boat.  The El Grande is long enough to allow you to get great shots.  And it's built to withstand water exposure.\
  • Floaty: Just in case the camera goes overboard... with or without you Smiley Wink