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Hero 9 Battery charging problem

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I just bought my first Gopro cam, a Gopro Hero 9 Smiley Very Happy
And among other things, a dual battery charger station and 2 extra batteries.
I chose not to buy a Supercharger, as I have a charger in advance, which I am well satisfied with (output 5V, 2.4A, USB-A)
When I use the Camera as a charging station, it charges the batteries up to 100%, which I also expected.
But it has turned out that when I use my charger together with the charging station, the batteries are only charged up to approx. 95%
I have borrowed another charger (output 5V, 3A, USB-A and USB-C) and tried it, both with the dual battery charger station and with the Camera as charging station, and the same thing happens Smiley Sad
Is my newly purchased dual battery charger station defective?

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Re: Hero 9 Battery charging problem

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Hi @rumlee3


This has been shared with the team.

When charging the battery on the dual battery charger, try taking it out once the LED light turns green.

Then check on the camera if it indicates 100%.





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Re: Hero 9 Battery charging problem

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Hi Ej

Thanks for your answer, but not for being rude, but if I had to take the battery out, when the charging station lights up green, I would have to sit and look at it while it charges.
It is not a very practical solution nor user-friendly
Do you have any experience with whether the Gopro Supercharger can handle the task?