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Hero 7 black mic adapter

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When I use the adapter to add an external mic I can hear lots of static noise in my videos. How can I get rid of this please? I’ve tried turning off my GoPro Wi-fi and it doesn’t make any difference.
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Re: Hero 7 black mic adapter

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@peppyapex61477, please make sure that the camera has the latest firmware installed. Make sure that a recommended external microphone is used. See External Microphone Recommendations for more details.


Do you experience the same results when recording without the external microphone and mic adapter attached to the camera?


Additionally, there are times when certain external electrical interference or audio frequencies will interfere with the audio recording of the camera, and cause a background static. This static should only be appearing in your video if it is being exposed to the interference or frequency.

For example, if in a car, you should not have the static if the car is switched off. Electrical systems vary from car to car, so it's not something that will appear in all vehicles or with other external electrical devices that may be causing the interference. Also, all audio frequencies do not interfere with the audio recording, so you should not hear this interference all the time.