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Hero 5 Super suit is a defective POS

January 2017 I purchase a super suit to use while scuba diving. I use it 20 times in one week then wash in fresh water including pressing buttons to ensure rinsing. I then store it safely until January 2018. I fly around the world at an expense of $1000's of dollars to go diving with Bull sharks in Fiji. On my first fun dive before sharks I come up noticing there is water in the housing. I access GoPro support and learn there is a defect around the screws attaching the lens to the housing. Apparently cracks develop due to existing since it's not even happening while under pressure. Sucks for me you developed and didn't properly test your product and it's a POS.
Lucky me a dive instructor offers to drive me around Suva from store to store and after visiting 7 stores we come across a little display case with a random pile of GoPro garbage. But lucky me there is the suit! So lucky I get to grab video after all. Super pumped and successfully get my shark video. One week (one ffffing week) later I come up from a dive at my next destination and low and behold there is water in this suit too. I look carefully and there is a time crack at the corner of the lens. What a POS product and company. I have lots of diving ahead and thx to your **bleep** work I'll have no record of it. What can you do to fix this? Nothing!! You can't give me these dives back even if you offered to fly me here and pay for it I wouldn't...thx for nothing. When I return home I will be moving onto a product from a company that knows how to produce working products. I'll also be creating no less than 25 online personalities and spend a few days rating and reviewing you everywhere I can. I hope GoPro goes down the tubes and a real photography company fills the gap. GET BENT!