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Help updating GoPro Wifi Remot firmware (old Style)



I need some help with my GoPro wifi remote. I was given a second hand hero 3 black and have got it all updated and working. however the remote I was given did not work it showed an error for the battery not working. so I ordered a new one, but this one is on old firmware 2.12 and will not sync to the camera. it seems like it will sync then gets stuck and just shows the wifi bars blinking. also when you click either button it just shows No cams screen with power button.


i know it's not the camera because the old remote works when connected to a power source. i just need help updating the firmware on the remote. if that doesn't fix it then I'd imagine I could swap the new battery into the old remote and be on the way but I'd like to avoid soldering and dissasembly if possible.





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Re: Help updating GoPro Wifi Remot firmware (old Style)

Hi @soulprogression,

Thanks for reaching out. Firmware updates for the Wi-Fi / Smart Remote is no longer available. Anyhow, any version of remote should allow you to connect your GoPro camera to it.

Just to clarify, do you have Wi-FI Remote (with two buttons and LCD screen only)? Or Smart Remote?

Typically, this connection issue can be resolved by resetting the connections on all devices. I do have some suggestions that may help.  

  1. Turn off the Smart Remote and your camera. 
  2. Reset the Smart Remote by pressing and holding the Power/Mode button on the remote for about 8 to 10 seconds. Leave the remote powered OFF for the meantime.  
  3. Reset the Wi-Fi connections on your camera using the steps here
  4. Pair the devices:  


Kind Regards,

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Re: Help updating GoPro Wifi Remot firmware (old Style)

Thanks Ann. I tried all your tips but it still wouldn’t pair.

It is the old style 2 button remote. Do you know the latest firmware? I have read 2.17 but also maybe saw 2.21 somewhere.

After talking to GoPro the only solution seems to be getting ahold of a hero 2 wifi bacpac kit and updating that way.

I did have a little success in that I swapped the old motherboard with 2.17 firmware into new remote with good battery and it was able to pair up. However it’s not charging properly

It shows charging when plugged in and remote off but after about 30 seconds it powers itself on and then shows remote battery with a battery bar with empty space in the middle.

This is what the old remote was showing and when I pulled it apart the battery was all swollen. Which made sense to why it wouldn’t charge!
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Re: Help updating GoPro Wifi Remot firmware (old Style)

@soulprogression, thanks for the update. If the suggested steps didn't help resolve the problem and updating the Wi-Fi remote's firmware isn't possible, our Support team will be able to look into options on how we can extend our assistance given your situation. You may reach them by phone or chat through