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Having the Remo connect to one camera specifically

I have 4 GoPros. 2 Hero 5s, a Hero 6, and a Fusion. I have paired the Remo to all of them becuase I will want to use the Remo for each of them at some point.


This weekend I was in a situation where I had the Hero6 on a Chesty mount, a Hero5 on a handheld stick and the Fusion mounted on the helmet. I wanted the Remo to control the Hero5 for part of the shot, then the Fusion on another part. I could never figure out how to force the Remo to pick a specific camera easily.


I know the Remo can only control one camera at a time, and that's fine but I'd like to pick witch camera easily. The way I ended up having to do it was having each camera "Forget" the Remo and then re-pair it to the one I needed it to control at the time. Then go through the process again, when I needed it to control the other camera.


Does anyone know a better way to force connection priority?

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Re: Having the Remo connect to one camera specifically

As far as I'm aware, from reading about how it works (looking to get one) you are doing it exactly right..... it can only connect to one at a time, and you have to "forget" the existing connection before creating a new one. 

Limiting if you have more than one unit, but as I'm selling one of mine it'll be fine for me and a better replacement for my other Remote.