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HERO 8 - Protective Housing Recommended for Enduro / Freestyle Mountain Biking?

Hello, the new HERO8 appears to be rugged and waterproof right out of the box however I intend to use the camera primarly for filming enduro / freeride mountian biking.  For this application, is it recommended that I purchases the additional protective housing or is the HERO8 out of the box durable enough? Thanks   

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Re: HERO 8 - Protective Housing Recommended for Enduro / Freestyle Mountain Biking?

Hi @morganw0157


The glass on HERO8 Black is 2X stronger and more scratch proof than previous GoPros and we rarely see damaged lenses with previous models — HERO8 Black’s lens is tough as nails! That said, if you ever have a problem we will always find a way to take care of you. You also may want to consider subscribing for PLUS which for $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr offers no questions asked damaged camera replacement, unlimited cloud storage of your GoPro videos and photos, 50% of most accessories at and front-of-line premium support. We also offer this adhesive tempered glass kit to even further protect the front lens and rear display. And if you are REALLY getting rowdy with your GoPro we make this waterproof protective housing that fully encases your GoPro and can also be used for diving.




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Re: HERO 8 - Protective Housing Recommended for Enduro / Freestyle Mountain Biking?

Hi @aragon1006, thank you for all the great information. I could understand why there would be less damaged lenses on pervious GoPro models due to the need to have the camera in a case to attach it to a mount. Regardless, I'm getting the impression that the HERO8 Black was designed around not needing a protective case and is resilient to crashes and such that may happen while riding a mountain bike or whatever the application may be - which is great. I'm definitely interested in the PLUS subscription (the 50% off some accessories would be awesome alone) however I’m from Canada and because of this was planning to order off such that I could order extra batteries and such all at once. Is this promotion and 50% off certain accessories only valid when ordering on I’ve noticed that a number of the accessories I want to purchase (sport kit, tripod mount, shorty) are not available when I switch my country to Canada on