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Gopro's Super Suit broke on first use, customer support not there for your benefit

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Originally posted on reddit but want to share here as well.


I‘m sharing my story out of frustration, and also with the hope that it might prevent the loss of someone else’s expensive camera and irreplaceable memories.


I know the super suit is irrelevant to most of you, but divers and extra cautious folks may find my experience valuable.


TL;DR - GoPro doesn't stand by its products. You will be hung out to dry by "customer support" even if you buy official GoPro products.


The 7 black was my second GoPro. I picked up a new official GoPro “super suit” for diving along with it.


After a great caving trip that involved swimming with the GoPro with super suit on. I took the setup straight to river tubing.


With the GoPro attached to a stick, I jumped into a river from a 3-4m high dock, came up, and found the backdoor wide open with the top latch missing. No shearing of plastic, cracking, or anything to show signs of excessive stress.


The force couldn't have been much more than you'd experience falling backwards off a boat when diving.


The latch popped off and the GoPro went to the bottom of a murky churning river hole...along with my 256gb microsd full of footage from my first ever cave experience.


The backdoor (which still had instructional stickers on it) fell off after a few free dive attempts trying to recover the camera. The lens cover being off to fit the suit meant the camera was ruined anyways.


I was baffled and frustrated but chose to believe in GoPro. This is exactly why I bought the more expensive GoPro brand super suit and not some third-party knockoff after all.


I called customer service and was accused of improperly sealing the case off the bat. If you've used any GoPro case, you know it's not rocket science. It felt clear to me that he trying to get me to admit that it could have been user error.


Each time he brought it up, I told the rep that I had used the super suit many times before and am extremely cautious about checking the seal protecting my $400 camera with its naked lens.


After providing pictures and receipts, I waited 4 days to get a response. They offered me 40% off and heartfelt condolences.


I called again, this time to ask why I was denied a replacement and was given vague excuses before being told that the “specialist team” had decided, so that was that.


After a few more questions, the rep admitted that

> Truthfully, lost cameras are almost never replaced...even if due to the defect of a GoPro accessory.


After asking if there were any cases at all where a lost camera would be covered, I was told that accessory failure sometimes qualifies...??

I asked to speak with a specialist since I wasn't getting a straight answer but was flatly told that it was impossible.


7 minutes into trying to figure out what to do about my $400 loss, the rep got impatient and told me she "didn't want to keep this going on for too long" and told me I should be grateful that they offered a discount at all.


Awesome, thanks.


I have had to learn the hard way that GoPro does not stand by its products and that their "customer support" will take any excuse to deny your claim even when the faulty product is their own.


In the end, GoPro is the judge, jury, and executioner. As consumers, there's not much we can do.


As such, I would advise you not use the super suit if it's not entirely necessary, to consider a well-reviewed 3rd party case, and to be cautious at all times should you have to use one.


Thanks for taking the time to read, hope this never happens to any of you.

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Re: Gopro's Super Suit broke on first use, customer support not there for your benefit

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Ojalá hubiese leído esto antes de comprar la GoPro, ya que me ocurrió algo similar , pero con su propia carcasa.