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Gopro Helmet mount problem

Just bought my first gopro and trying to mount it on my helmet. Is going to be used for Paragliding so would be best to have it on the top and not on the side.

The helmet is not completely round ( See picture) so I can't mount it the center, any tips for this?

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Re: Gopro Helmet mount problem

Hello @rockyjump73860. See if the Vented Helmet Strap will work with your helmet. Other members might share their personal tips/preferences so please watch out for their reply. Thanks!

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Re: Gopro Helmet mount problem

I think your best bet is to try the swivel mount. If that wont straighten you out enough, then you will need the extension arms in the Grab Bag. You can also get the helmet mount. Although the helmet mount is shown with the camera mounted on the side of the helmet, you don't need to use it in a right angle.