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Gopro 8 and 3.5mm adapter: battery is hanging loose now!

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I purchased two 3.5mm adapters from last week for my hero 8 black and hero 7 black, and unlike the 7 (that has 2 side doors), in the 8, with the only side door open (needed to be able to plug in the adapter), there is no way to keep the battery from falling out!


Upon some further research I've come across the Media Mod, which seems like the only way to be able to plug an external mic in and keep the battery in securely. Do you have another option to secure the battery in the gopro 8while the adapter is connected?


So a few questions:


- is the Media Mod in stock? If not, what's the projected date you'll be able to ship it?

- can I return the two adapters I just bought to be able to get the Media Mod?

- what is the interface between the Media Mod and the gopro itself? Is the media mod plastic or metal? I'm concerned about the heat dissipation capabilities being hindered, especially as I've already had problems with my 7 overheating in the past!

- is there any audio quality difference when using the 3.5mm jack for an external mic in the cable adapter and the media mod?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Gopro 8 and 3.5mm adapter: battery is hanging loose now!

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Hello, @mpowerm3. Considering the situation that you described, using the Media Mod is currently the best way to keep the battery in while the battery door is open and the camera is connected to an external power source. 


The Media Mod is currently in stock. Check out this product page. If you purchased the mic adapters from GoPro directly and they are within 30 days of purchase, you may be able to process a return and refund, but not a direct exchange to the Media Mod. Our Support team at will be able to help you with the process. 


The Media Mod is made of plastic. We do not have a measure of heat dissipation but as with any enclosure, it would be possible for the camera to operate at a higher temperature. Users share that for extended recordings, removing the battery would prevent this by allowing more space to dissipate the heat. 


The mic adapter and the Media Mod have the same compatibilities with external microphones. In addition, the Mod has a built-in directional mic that delivers crystal-clear audio and reduces wind and ambient noise.

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Re: Gopro 8 and 3.5mm adapter: battery is hanging loose now!

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For abou $10 there is a Hero 8 door with opening for USB, I saw it on Amazon.

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Re: Gopro 8 and 3.5mm adapter: battery is hanging loose now!

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Without removing the battery and using Media Mod case, what is the longest recording time recommented? With the battery removed, what is the longest recording time recommended....of course ambient air tempeture and air movenent is critical, so please assume 72 degrees F as a typical air temp without an air flow to provide additional cooling. Thank you...