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GoPro not dispatched after 8 days and counting?

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So basically, contacted GoPro twice over this as I was stupid enough to trust gopro and ordered it 12 days before a trip. Then again their terms do state that orders are typically dispatched within 24 hours, and other purchasers and their own staff state that the shipping time is 3 working days from America to Australia.

That totals 4 days, I was lenient enough to give them 12.

However, upon contacting them, they said they've had an outage , which apparently they define as an error, which means they can't see the status of orders, and orders are prevented from being packed and sent (their words).

"Upon checking in here, the fulfillment provider of your GoPro order is currently experiencing a system outage, which may delay the delivery and status of your GoPro order. We are working closely with the provider to address the outage and we will keep you informed when they are back online or when we have more information. We apologize for the inconvenience."

I'm just wondering has anyone actually received their GoPro or accessories after ordering on Sunday EST or later, or received a dispatch email?

These customer service reps take several minutes to craft a response to any question I ask them in chat, and most of the time don't answer my questions when they manage to reply

Not sure why GoPro hire people with such bad English -.-.

The charges on my account are still pending for eight days now.

I'm also wondering about the "pending GoPro acceptance" status on my order "confirmation" email... Lol. What does this mean? For anyone who's ordered from them, does this mean that they need to send a separate acceptance email before goods are even packed?

This is so convoluted and ridiculous.

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Re: GoPro not dispatched after 8 days and counting?

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Going on a trip soon and we need all our gear and it hasn't even been accepted, let alone dispatched. Yet the payment is definitely not something I can touch in my account even though it's just frustratingly pending
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Re: GoPro not dispatched after 8 days and counting?

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Hello @jackiesaurus,


Sorry to hear about the order delay. It is true that there is an external system error that is keeping us from being able to get status updates on orders. There is also no ETA as to when the order issue will be resolved. 


It would be best to get in touch with Support so they can look into options for you, specially considering that you have limited number of days to wait for the package. You may call or chat with the team through . 


Best regards, 


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Re: GoPro not dispatched after 8 days and counting?

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Hi Marius. I'm chatting to GoPro now and they are struggling to understand me again, due to poor English. The money I paid $279aud, seems to have fallen out of pending on my account, and the money gone back in.

I asked them whether this means that GoPro have cancelled my order and will not be trying to debit my account a second time.

I keep getting the same response "we have an outage and cannot check the status of your order".

So freakin annoyed, because that is NOT what i asked.

At the beginning of the call I asked, whether they have customers who are getting orders. The rep said yes, there are customers that are getting orders.

Upon checking my order, they then tell me that customers are not getting their orders as there's been an outage.

Every question I ask that relates to general financial information that staff should KNOW, I get the same response "there's been an outage and we cannot confirm".

Well there's been an outage for 10 days now so gopro really need to get their **bleep** together, or at least train their staff to at least understand English and how to answer basic questions.

"so if the money has bounced back, can you tell me, does this mean my order will be cancelled and gopro won't debit the account again?"

"there's an outage and we cannot confirm the status of your account".

"I'm not asking that. I just want to know, does gopro not withdraw a second time if there has been 9 days delay and the money has gone back into the customers account? I need to to know so I can figure out whether I need to go buy a GoPro elswhere if gopro is not going to fulfil my order"

"we cannot confirm the status of your account"
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Re: GoPro not dispatched after 8 days and counting?

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So after some attitude from the staff member talking me that the manager will tell me the exact same thing as her, I got the manager on the line. And he told me that GoPro may once again debit my account once the outage is over, even though the charges were already dropped from my account.

Therefore, had to cancel order, because they have absolutely no idea when the outage is going to end, nor how to get around it.

I hope GoPro can train their staff to actually provide answers to questions (like the manager did) rather than replying like I'm trying to breach their right to silence.