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GoPro Smart Remote photo keeps doing burst photos

I've read thru different forums, including one on here. It's STILL doing this.
I have become very familiar with the GoPro products through out the years. I've had 1,2, LCD+ and now I have the Hero 7. I've worked with the Smart Remote off and on. Although, I don't the products as often as most folks so I have to do a refresh connection almost every time. I make sure everything is updated and running on the latest firmware before putting it to use. I always put the remote/GoPro to single photo as default.

On a most recent roadtrip, I brought them with me. When taking photos of the family in Jackson Hole, WY - the remote bursted. It was so bad that it bursted over 300 photos total. When we went to Jackson, the GoPro had about 217 photos. Throughout the day the numbers kept on increasing. I just figured that I would delete when I get home and not have to fuss. So when we left Jackson, I had about 564 photos. Half way through the day, I just ended up using my GoPro phone app. Which worked flawlessly. Definitely no complaints there.


Just seems like the Smart Remote can't keep up with new technology? I have not seen a true solution for this, other than not using it together. Which is a drag b/c my Smart Remote is only like 6 months old.

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Re: GoPro Smart Remote photo keeps doing burst photos

Hello @itsroads


We have received several reports about this and our team is looking at it. 

Make sure to do a hard press down and release on the shutter button. Majority of these instances only takes a single photo as normal. 

Burst shots mostly happen when the button is pressed half way. The Smart Remote does not fully register the command so instead of not taking a single photo, it takes multiple photos to ensure a photo does get capture. 


Please let us know how it goes.