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GoPro Smart Remote discontinued?

I see the Smart Remote out of stock in many places recently. Is it being discontinued? Will there be a (much needed) replacement?

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Re: GoPro Smart Remote discontinued?

Stock supplies vary and usually replenish in about a 2-week cycle. It's still available in the USA. I doubt they will discontinue the Smart Remote as it's a very functional remote. It's possible they might come out with a new remote to replace REMO, but the Smart Remote still has a place in the line up, IMO. What features (other than voice control) do you need from a remote? Feel free to leave feedback to GoPro here
Perhaps they will take it into consideration for future products.

This is a member to member support site so we don't have any information on upcoming product releases. GoPro doesn't release such information until they do their product presentation (usually at the end of Sept-Oct). Even if an employee does have knowledge of upcoming products, they are not able to share that information.