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GoPro Remote Control does not work

I bought the Gopro remo waterproof voice activated remote for the gopro hero 5 in best buy miami three weeks ago, i live in Argentina and the tecnic service from here told me that the device has a factory failure and it has no repair. The failure consists in the no charing of the battery of the remo.

I want to konw if i can replace the device and, if it could happen, what do i have to do.

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Re: GoPro Remote Control does not work

You will need to contact the GoPro Support Team.

Have a digital copy of your receipt (a picture is fine). They most likely will not be able to exchange for another REMO but they might be able to send you a Smart Remote in exchange. The Smart remote is a better option. It has much longer range, ability to change the camera settings, can be connected to up to 50 cameras, can be mounted with a smart remote cradle and quick release buckle (sold separately) or worn with the included Velcro strap. Like the REMO the Smart Remote is waterproof, charges quickly and last for hours. REMO was nice for extending the voice activation range, but the Smart Remote is much better.
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Re: GoPro Remote Control does not work

I have  wifi backpack with the remote for my original Hero. The battery is dead and will not charge. Can I get a new battery and use the remote with ny my new Hero 5 ?

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Re: GoPro Remote Control does not work

Hi @nypaskier


Kindly confirm which battery is dead (camera or remote).


If you have a Smart Remote this should work with your HERO5 Black.