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GoPro Mounts breaks again for the 593536th time. Videos and pictures attached.


GoPro keeps breaking in the mounts, no matter where the mount is bought from, new or old, no matter if the Gopro sits only with the camera, breaks in all cases. I catched the GoPro some times and got an old nice lady to pick it up to me. Other times not. Imagine kids or other people having lined up a vacation, and then they by accident buy this companys product called "GoPro", but rather it should be "GoBroke". The kids, the family, the people who have invested their time and made their time ready to be captured on film, will lose all their footage becaus GoPro, the leaders of GoPro, the management, have decided to use the cheapest, worst quality plastic ever on this planet. A wobbly plastic PET bottle is better than this poor quality. I've talked with so many other riders, using cheap cheap China cameras who never have had any problems of the sort. Now we haven't even started on the pink screen problems on the GoPro's. This is only about the cheap, weak, below acceptable quality plastic they have decided to use. I've contacted GoPro several times, "sure we will send you a new replacement mount". I don't care about the money. I care that you produce a good usable product that does what an action camera should do, sit still and not break all the time. Your choice, your management are weak, low-minded, annoying, cheap, money oriented. Even though you have the highest priced action cameras in the world, you still only produce plastic quality that the poorest countries in Africa already have progressed from. Not a joke. It's not even about the money, at these prices. There are leaders, management in GoBroke, who actively have chosen to use cheap, weak quality plastic instead of better quality. PET plastic bottles are better than this. Not even a joke. I don't want to have to tell everyone I ride with to stop using GoPro, even though some of them already have stopped. I want GoPro to stop being effing cheap. I want GoPro to stop building cheap weak quality that every other action camera already have progressed away from. And no, it's not about the camera version, to the non-GoProers here. It is the mounts GoBroke produces. It concerns all cameras. Weakest quality action camera mounts on this planet. Again, not about the money. About quality. Just produce something that's not made with the worst, lowest quality plastic technology.

Another GoPro mount breaks.Yes I know, why do I use GoPro when GoPro are not up to the task of being an action camera, capturing action moments. I keep using GoPros because im too nice to them. They've almost lost the last goodwill they had.
Lucky me caught it.The 3953th time a GoPro mount Broke. Yes I know, why don't I go away from GoPro when they only produce these low quality plastic mounts. Was hoping they would create better items by time, so far they mounts are just getting worse and worse over the last 5 years. Breaks faster ...
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Re: GoPro Mounts breaks again for the 593536th time. Videos and pictures attached.

@alexanderb16513, sorry to hear about the trouble. We want to look at what we can do to extend our help. Let our Support team take a look at what happened. You may reach out to them by phone or live chat through

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Re: GoPro Mounts breaks again for the 593536th time. Videos and pictures attached.

**bleep** true, I use the rubber adapter to lock the camera in the mount/base but that end breaks most of the times with rough situations. GoPro should produce CNC mounts.

PS: I lost a GoPro sailing because the adhesive could not withstand the cold and wind a fell to the water.