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GoPro Dome Anit-Fog Inserts

I recently bought a GoPro Hero7 Black along with the TELESIN 6" dome which came with a few of the anti-fog inserts. Where are you supposed to put those anti-fog inserts? I assume inside the dome, could you do this without having to take off all those screws around the dome and I assume they're sticky pads so it doesn't move around once you put it in there. Any experience and suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Re: GoPro Dome Anit-Fog Inserts

Hi @admirn8,


We do not have any direct recommendation details regarding the usage of anti-fog inserts on TELESIN Dome. The GoPro anti-fog inserts were mainly designed to prevent moisture condensation in the GoPro Housing. Since the TELESIN Dome is manufactured by a third party company, I suggested that you reach out to their Support team for more information about the product usage.

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