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Go Pro remote is useless

I've got two 5 black edition cameras, that work perfectly, until you try to use the remote.


I've reset both camera to default and reset the remote twice, sometimes it records, sometimes it connects, sometimes it turns them on, sometimes it doesn't. It's so unreliable and frustrating.


I have both cameras here in front of me sync'd up and the remote an inch from them both and it still loses connection ..


Driving me crazy.

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Re: Go Pro remote is useless

Hello @stoutcliff04611. Sorry to hear about the problem connecting your Smart Remote with multiple cameras. Typically, this connection issue can be resolved by resetting the connections on all devices. I do have some suggestions that may help.  

  1. Turn off the Smart Remote and your camera. 
  2. Reset the Smart Remote by pressing and holding the Power/Mode button on the remote for about 8 to 10 seconds. Leave the remote powered OFF for the meantime. 
  3. Reset the Wi-Fi connections on your camera using the steps here
  4. Pair the devices:  
    • Power off your remote. Power ON your camera and set it up for pairing using the instructions here
    • Now set your camera aside and pick up the remote. 
    • With the remote powered OFF, press and hold the red Shutter button on the remote. While continuing to hold the red button, press the white Power button once briefly. The remote will power on and show two arrows moving towards each other. You can let go of the red button at this time. Now the remote is in pairing mode. 
    • At this point, the camera and remote should both show arrows moving towards each other. After one minute or less, the camera and remote should pair. 
    • The remote should now mirror the camera's front LCD screen, indicating that pairing was successful.