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Fusion accessories

I love your products, I have a Hero3 and a Hero5; I would really like to buy the Fusion but have 1 issue. I can't be the only one with this issue so it would be great if you could either make it waterproof to 130 feet or develope a housing for it.

I do realize the housing might be difficult due to the 360 degree view but I would say that there are MANY scuba diver out there ready to buy an quality, affordable 360 camera with the ability to go to at least 100 feet preferrably 160.

I have looked at the 6 camera system and was very interested but your technology changes rather quickly and i can't see investing in 6-Hero6 cameras at the same time.

Right now I use my 2 cameras mounted independently one shooting constant video the other for still pictures.

I see a real market for a quality sport diver 360 camera, I think you could produce that product. There are a few out there but image quality or other issues make them poor compromises.




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Re: Fusion accessories

Hey Michael.




That is definitely something that we have heard. Make sure to submit your feedback here if this is something you want to see in the future!