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Found LONG thumbscrew to use with media mod!

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I tried replying to an existing thread on this subject, but comments must be closed because it wouldn't allow me to comment.


If you use a media mod you know what a pain in the butt the GoPro thumbscrew is to use on it.  We have been asking GoPro to provide us with a longer screw option, but we have been ignored.  Well, I finally found a company that makes one!  It is 2.5 inches long, or about 64mm, and it makes life so much easier when using the media mod.  Hopefully I can include the brand without running into a problem with GoPro. It is a Fotodiox Pro GoTough thumbscrew - see pics.





IMG_20210707_155503394 (1).jpg

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Re: Found LONG thumbscrew to use with media mod!

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Just a little update on the long thumbscrew...


So I have used the Fotodiox Pro long thumbscrew pretty heavily for a month now and it is working out extremely well.  Makes battery changes and mount changeouts sooo much quicker and easier!  And we all need easier, right?!  Anyway, if anyone is even interested in this, there ya go (it has been crickets on this post.) I know I'm not the only one who was begging for this product.