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Floating handle

We were using the go pro while tubing on a lake & the little post thing that slides onto the top of the handle popped right off & now my go pro is at the bottom of a lake. We made sure that everything was going to be secure before we even brought it onto the boat so I would say something malfunctioned with the post that’s supposed to keep the camera on the handle. I’m not even upset that I lost the camera but the fact that I lost the video because it was going to be a dope video. I thought a go pro & it’s accessories are supposed to withstand activities like this, if I’m wrong then someone please tell me so I’m not so upset at the manufacturing of the product & I can be mad at myself for taking it out in the first place. Plus I had a 128 GB micro SD card in it & that’s not cheap. At this point I’m wondering if I should even buy a replacement if the camera isn’t going to keep up with my life style. I would appreciate if someone could message me back & maybe even help me out. If that isn’t possible then I understand but I thought sending out a message is worth a shot.
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Re: Floating handle

Hi @snowytree1067,

Sorry to hear about what happened. It is regretful knowing that your GoPro camera, together with the memories it captured, got lost --this is definitely not the kind of experience we want you to have. That being said, we want to help as best as we can. If you contact our Support team, they will be able to look into options for you. You may reach them by phone or chat through

Kind Regards,