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Enduro Battery

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I tried to order the enduro batteries. It says you don’t ship batteries to Canada??? Anyway when will they be available here at a retail store? I used my 2 GoPros daily but it’s getting cold and I went through 5 today alone, I need these new batteries asap.
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Re: Enduro Battery

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it is strange.

in Europe in some countries do not ship batteries alone.

if you buy a camera you can add only two extra batteries till the banner says.



"We apologise for the inconvenience, but we are currently not able to ship standalone batteries to your chosen country. If you are trying to order a single battery please use a local retailer. If you are ordering a camera and would like to add an additional spare battery please look at the bundles we offer as these come with two batteries in total. If you order a camera it will come with one battery. Camera bundles come with two batteries." 



in other countries like Netherlands, it is fine, you can order only spare batteries.


my feeling is that the normal batterries have an issue in cold.

instead to fix the problem and replace the normal batteries, they "launch" this new Enduro battery.

and not posible to order them.


mind blowing.