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Dual Charger and Super Charger - GoPro 6

The lights on my dual charger no longer light up. It is less than 2 months old. Only used it a few times.


I have the dual charger plugged into the Super Charger, and it might light up a orangey color for a minute, and then nothing.  And most importantly, the batteries are not charging.  I've tried plugging it into a few different sockets in the house... now not even the orange light lights up.


How do I exchange? There has to be some kind of warrenty.  I have GoPro Plus. Does that cover accessories?

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Re: Dual Charger and Super Charger - GoPro 6

GoPro Plus doesn't cover accessories but you are still within your warranty period. Have you tried different cables? Contact the GoPro Support Team and they will help you out