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Does the Go Pro 7 Black underwater filters? dome?

I have a Go Pro Hero 7 Black, and am getting into scuba diving. I'll be going down to about 100 ft (30m) for my AOW course. I was thinking of getting a set of filters, but then came across . Does that mean filters aren't required with the Hero 6 and 7s anymore? 


If I do need filters, I noticed that they're depth graded. Would I need to switch them on the fly if I'm diving down to 100ft, then coming up to 40 ft? 


I also noticed some over-under domes are rated to 150ft. Are they a better option than the supersuit? 

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Re: Does the Go Pro 7 Black underwater filters? dome?


Hi @ashic


Filters are used to achieve accurate color and contrast. Depending on your preference, you may do some test shots without a filter to see if this will already work our for your shots.


Different depths have different color (water). 

Green Water Dive Filter provides color correction while capturing footage at depths of 15 to 70ft (5 to 21m), while the blue filter is ideal for  depths at 5 to 33ft (1.5 to 10m).


The Supersuit allows you to use the camera as deep as 60m(196 ft).

Domes are mainly used to show what is above and below the water simultaneously. It may also have some magnifying effect.

As mentioned above, it all depends on your preference.


I hope this helps.