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Dissapointed at new GoPro9 MediaMod design

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I have 2 GoPro 8 with MediaMods, bbut I stopped using them both because of a design issue.

When you use the media mod you still use the winged leggs of the camera to mount it, which means there is no easy access to the battery and memory card. Why not just give the media mod a set of leggs of its own? You still need to fold them in on putting the media mod on to the camera anyways...

I've had battery issues with oth my GoPro8's. I often need to take the battery out to reset the camera for whatever reason. With the media mod this became a pain in the butthole to say the least, so now they are collecting dust...


Please re-think this and make an upgrade to this product, because it is a great product if it wasn't such a hassle using it!